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The organization of educational work in higher education reflects the latest technology education students, the role and functions of the academic supervisor in the management system extracurricular educational work is the analysis and prediction , planning and organization, control and coordination , evaluation and adjustment . It is in the process of educating students to be implemented objective and basic principles of national education , which involves , on the one hand, in-depth analysis of the socio -psychological nature of education as a student- communicative , student-centered process, on the other - examines the organization of educational work with students through the prism historically due to the social functions of higher education and its purpose.

Higher education should provide training:

znannyevoyi person who is able to implement their knowledge in practice;

innovative individual with an innovative type of thinking that can accept changes and learn throughout their lives;

developed a self-sufficient person, which should bring training and education to a specific person;

democratically minded person, which involves her in public, creativity, learning, etc.;

hlobalistychnoyi person who can adapt best achievements of other countries to the Ukrainian realities;

technological person who interacts with the distributed information resources on the basis of modern interactive communication technologies;

value-oriented individual who produces values ​​in the realization of their interests and preferences;

Ukraine patriot who understands their affiliation to an ethnic community learns the culture, traditions and customs of his people and understands itself as a carrier of national properties;

Cultural person which is tolerant and able to interact with people of different nationalities, share thoughts, ideas, experiences, feelings, etc..

The organization of the educational process is important to remember the conditions of its performance, namely:

formation of individual morality is based on human activities and their communication with others;

correlation of external influences from individual to individual;

knowledge sources and driving forces of self-identity.

Implementation of educational work in student groups through the Institute curators.

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