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Department of Physics provides teaching course "physics" for students of all engineering specialties Mining University.

Today at the Department provide 3 professors, 5 docents, 5 senior teachers, Head of Laboratory, Senior Engineer, 4 senior laboratory.


The Department has fiz.mat doctors . Science professors I.P.Harkusha , Dr. Sc. Science professors V.P.Kurinnyy , Ph.D. fiz.mat . , Professor M.O.Pevzner , candidates fiz.mat . Sciences, Associate Professor: L.I.Bartashevska , A.S.Zaytsev , A.O.Ostapenko , T.Ye.Voronko, Ye.O.Yakunin , senior lecturers M.O.Zhuravlov ,  N.L.Kurnat , V.M.Mandrikevych , T.V.Morozova, A.V.Podlyatska, leading N.H.Yanchenko engineer , Head of Laboratory , senior laboratory : M.K.Zhuravlov , L.H.Kamenska , T.V.Tyutyunnyk , L.V.Hlestun .

All the teachers of the department have a basic university education is a physicist by profession.

Increasing scientific and technical expertise among teachers occurs through post-graduate and doctoral studies.

The number and quality of the teaching staff meet the current requirements and provides training.

Within the department there are seven teaching laboratories, object audience, study lecture demonstrations, workshops, research laboratory.

The main direction of research was set in the 30s of last century, Professor AE Malinowski - eksprymentalne study of combustion processes.

Main directions of scientific activity:

· Destruction and softening of rocks in the explosion and development of methods of destruction process control;

· Quantum field theory in the case nenulevyh temperatures;

· Vysokohradiyentna magnetic separation;

· Statistical thermodynamics;

· Theory of gravitation and general relativity.

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