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The origins of the Department of Physics is a small laboratory in the Department of Electrical Engineering Ekaterinoslavskogo Higher Mining School . In 1899. from St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute was invited to work in KVHU Simon M. Usatyy (1875-1941) , who was appointed acting professor of physics. In college , he worked in 1900 1902rr .. Simon M. organized a laboratory of physics and electrical engineering, developed and published lectures on physics and thermodynamics. Abstracts of his lectures carefully preserved in the library of the Institute. He was not only a great lecturer , but also well aware of young minds awaken her interest in research. Later , working in Simferopol University, he discovered science I.V.Kurchatova - famous physicist , organizer of the national nuclear science .


In a separate division of the Department of Physics evolved in 1903. In 1903 1918rr. Department led K.I.Kotyelov. In 1907. of the department is as follows: Head - Professor, two assistants, engineer and minister. Faculty read the following lectures: the laws of conservation of energy, heat, electricity, optics, optical crystal and held classes on physical workshop (the 1st year - eight works on mechanics, heat and light, on the 2 nd course - five works on electricity).

Despite the fact that the department suffered while difficulties with the equipment necessary laboratory instruments, methodological and training materials ( used in the educational process of 329 instruments , 73 instruments , 163 books ), members of the department not only provide the educational process , but also engaged in scientific work, maintaining scientific relations with foreign scientists. Thus, due to prof. K.I.Kotyelova eminent physicist , founder of the theory of radyoaktyvnist Maria Sklodowska -Curie gave a gift KVHU drug radium bromide . This unique drug survived the evacuation during the Second World War, remained in the department until the present time .

Scientists department investigated ionization of gases by cosmic radiation. In 1911 1912rr. Department staff conducted meteorological observations for the ionization of air due to a total solar eclipse and the passage of the comet Morhauza. These observations involved students L.D.Shevyakov (later Academician) and K.A.Skrynnikov (later Fellow Department of Physics, who gave a half-century case studies of many generations of mining engineers, and he especially proved to be a lecture demonstrator qualifications).

In 1918 1923rr . chair professor. Georgy Evreinov . Some of the department expanded . Lectures read N.N.Malov teachers , H.F.Burov , M.K.Rudnytskyy , Ye.M.Skublevskyy . After the Civil War, the Department experienced significant difficulties in logistics . Some devices that were purchased during the chair , came down , the library is not replenished , magazines are not discharged , the funds for the maintenance of the physical office is not dispensed . After conversion school in Mining Institute has more been done to equip physical classrooms and laboratories of the department.

In 1923. department was headed by Andrew E. Malinowski , who has consistently ruled it until 1937. Son rural doctor, he brilliantly graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Department of the University, received the diploma of the first degree. Another student A.E.Malynovskyy held internships at prominent research centers in Germany renowned scientists : V.Renthena in the laboratory at the University of Munich , Department of Theoretical Physics A.Zommerfelda the same university. Later, while working in the laboratory F.Pashena ( Tubingen University), a specialist in the field of atomic spectroscopy and quantum theory of radiation , and then in France prof. P.Lanzhevena , A.E.Malynovskyy became known expert in the field of electronic theory. He could not help but draw attention L.V.Pisarzhevskoho , an outstanding physical chemist founder of the department of chemistry at E Mining Institute , who invited him to work.

All of his life A.E.Malynovskoho after 1923. was associated with DMI . In the 20's he moved the center of their research on the experimental study of combustion and explosions and the questions connected with best elekroprovidnosti electron theory of metals. He proved the failure of the classical theory calculation of the interaction of electrons and positive ions in metals , gave his explanation of this interaction , explained the theory of Tolman and Stewart's experiments to determine the specific charge of an electron . Materials cycle of conduction electron theory of metals formed the basis A.E.Malynovskym protected under the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in 1928. Doctoral thesis "On motion of conduction electrons".

In 1924. A.E.Malynovskyy discovered the effect of electric field on the combustion process, which has been confirmed by scientists from the UK, USA and Germany. However, the lack of necessary equipment and lack of qualified physicists from DRI forced him in 1923 1928rr. more engaged in academic training and renewal of material resources department.

The department actively used physical office not only for training but also for joint research work with students . In 1923. organized student research group, whose members are independently solved some scientific questions in the field of electromagnetic waves. Existing laboratories was not enough and A.E.Malynovskyy raised the question of the expansion cathedral premises. Additional area and strengthening the logistics department have enabled scientists to investigate the thermoelectric effect in the blast , and consider some features of wireless telegraphy .

During this period should highlight the fruitful scientific work V.I.Danylova and F.A.Lavrova that while working lecturer. Then V.I.Danylov worked in Dnipropetrovsk Physico-Technical Institute and in the field of medical imaging liquids and crystallization theory he was awarded the State Prize of the USSR, in 1951. he was elected Academician of the Ukraine. F.A.Lavrov, later Dr. Sci. Science, continued his scientific work at the Leningrad Institute of Chemical Physics of the USSR.

In 1937-1941. chair Assoc. Omelyanovych Konstantin Egorov physicist who graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Education in 1929., Ph.D., Associate Professor (1936), he worked at the Institute in 1930 1941. Unfortunately, the documents covering the activities to the Department at the time, and during World War II, no.

In 1944 1953rr. department was headed by Boris Nauholnikov, a physicist who graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Education in 1929., Candidate of Sciences (1937), Associate Professor (1939), he worked at the Institute in 1930-1941 and 1943-1953rr., in 1953. moved to DHTI.

In 195Z​​-1960rr. department was headed by Cyril T. Tkachenko (1904-1992), physicist, following the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Education in 1928., candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor (1947), the Institute worked in 1946 1970rr. Postgraduate A.E.Malynovskoho professor, educator born and educated physicist, he came from the fact that physics is by nature an experimental science. So much attention is paid to equipping K.T.Tkachenko Department of demonstration experiments.

Established in those years teaching masters hands K.A.Skrynnikova, P.M.Dehtyara, M.O.Ihnatovycha, I.Ya.Kascheyeva, V.Ye.Koreschuka unique cabinet lecture demonstrations and teperyshnoho time is one of the best technical universities in Ukraine. The Department of Physics DRI were even students to study physics and mathematics faculty of the University, more than a year increased their skills teachers of physics area, the students listened to lectures physical classes.

The main task of post-war period was to restore the war-torn material resources department and its development to ensure the normal course of the educational process. In addressing this task generation has made an important contribution to veterans who were severe school of World War K.T.Tkachenko , V.I.Tverdohlyebov , V.D.Bezverhyy , M.Ye.Tretenko , K.M.Voloshenenko , B .0 . Kirillov, B.L.Timan . In restoring labware much credit belongs educational masters M.O.Ihnatovychu and P.M.Dehtyaryu . M.O.Ihnatovych , for example, produced the finest thread suspension for ballistic galvanometer P.M.Dehtyar could create , repair and adjust any physical device. Gradually to restore equipment laboratories nalahodzhuvavsya learning process. At the same time, developing research work with materials which defended their dissertations and B.L.Timan V.I.Tverdohlyebov.

In 1991 he 1960 . Basil chair Ignatovych Tverdokhlebov (1920-1991) , physicist spektroskopyst who graduated from Dnipropetrovsk State University in 1949. , Doctor of Sciences (1969 ), Professor ( 1971) , worked in DRI in 1950 1991 he. His employment was associated with the Department of Physics, DRI , where he started working after graduation. Working as an assistant V.I.Tverdohlyebov engaged in research under the guidance of one of the students A.E.Malynovskoho , professor of optics V.S.Rossihina State University . In the tradition of physics Ukraine 's oldest university was teaching physics at a high scientific and methodological level .

Professor V.I.Tverdohlyebov continued this tradition, zeroing staff to find more effective ways of teaching , the careful selection of materials , clarity of presentation , in contact with specific and general engineering departments. Physics course that was read to students , miners , continuously updated, was set in line with the needs reinforcement of basic training. Managed V.I.Tverdohlyebova department was equipped with many modern physical instruments , educational laboratory equipment replenished . Lecture hall chair has become a modern look.

Much attention is paid V.I.Tverdohlyebov education students, he went himself has repeatedly led student groups for agricultural.

One of the merits V.I.Tverdohlyebova was to create a strong team at the department faculty. In the 60 years significantly increased the number of the department, which was associated with an increase in the number of students. The course began teaching physics for many students external students, and students vechirnykiv ie. general technical faculty. For some time the Department outlining discipline "Application of Atomic Energy in the economy".

Between 1960 1980gg. because the department was a galaxy of highly qualified teachers . Graduates of the Institute gratefully remembered lectures century. O.V.Kurylenka teacher (1930-1994) , who worked at the institute during the period 1954 1992, he .. It was a gifted teacher, encyclopedic educated man . Young workers have addressed O.V.Kurylenka that willingly helped solve physical problems of any complexity . He enjoyed great respect among staff and students. Students respected O.V.Kurylenka with special kindness on his part in relation to them.

Lectures O.M.Haleminoyi lecturer (later professor, head. Department State University) students listened attentively Mining Department.

Associate V.D.Bezverhyy (1919-1982) worked with DRI 1954. Between 1964 1966rr. He taught physics at the Polytechnic University of Phnom-Pena (Cambodia), was awarded Cambodian Order.

Article. Teacher M.Ye.Tretenko remember many graduates its rigor, thoroughness and integrity exclusive.

Students production workers knew the art lecture. teacher V.O.Kyrylova Assoc. V.H.Bobylya.

Assistant I.O.Zhuravlov later became assistant professor of geophysical exploration methods DGI N.M.Dolynina Assistant - State University associate professor , assistant M.M.Chyrkin - Associate Professor , Head of Department of Physics Khmelnytsky Institute of public services , O.A.Ryazantsev Assistant - Assistant Professor , head. Department of Physics Dnieprodzerzhinsky Industrial Institute , Assistant S.P.Polyakov - Professor , Head. Department of Physics, Cherkasy Institute of Technology, Associate Professor V.V.Popov - PhD , director of the geological center of information technology, Rostov on Don.

About 40 years working as an assistant K.M.Voloshenenko. Like anyone else, he knew all the intricacies of physical workshop, he works went flawlessly. K.M.Voloshenenko had talent researcher, has created a number of works, which are now performing students. Fruitful assistants K.M.Voloshynenko, M.I.Pohreb, Yu.H.Svynuhov, O.H.Berzin, V.V.Shybka, S.S.Klyuchnyy, A.H.Rozhkova, F.F.Yurchenko and assistants V.V.Shumrikov, O.M.Kuznyetsov, O.I.Denysenko, M.H.Pateyuk, V.B.Odnorozhenko later defended their dissertations.

No exaggeration to say that the department of physics was a kind of "cradle frame" for universities in Ukraine.

During this period, opened the department of physics at Chervonoarmiisk branch DRI, and Department of Physics, Faculty of General at Alexandria DRI. In the formation of these departments played a significant role A.D.Sorokin, defended his thesis in graduate school after DRI (supervisor prof. S.H.Borysenko) and I.P.Harkusha, defended his thesis after graduate school at TSNDICHM, Moscow (supervisor prof. B.Ya.Lyubov).

Since 1991. department manages Harkusha Igor P. (b. 1937.), a theoretical physicist who graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk State University in 1959., Candidate of Sciences (1965), Associate Professor (1969), Professor (1996), working at the Institute since October 1962..

As part of the Department in 1997-1998 academic year worked: Professor I.P.Harkusha (since 1962. ) , Associate L.I.Bartashevska (from 1971. ) L.M.Hlushko (since 1963. ) , AS Zaitsev (since 1969. ) O.I.Lyutyy (since 1978. ) L.F.Mostypan (since 1989. ) M.Sh.Pevzner (since 1962. ) N.O.Yakunina ( since 1974 ). , Art. teachers L.A.Kovalenko (from 1963. ) V.P.Kurinnyy (since 1977. ) N.M.Lopatina (since 1971. ) O.I.Sabokar (since 1977. ) M.D.Solopov (from 1971 .) T.V.Bohanchenko assistants (from 1978. ) N.L.Kurnat (since 1985. ) V.M.Mandrykevych (since 1987.) . L.P.Nalbandyan (since 1971. ) Ye.O.Yakunin (since 1993.) , Phd . M.O.Zhuravlov (since 1995 .) Head of Laboratory I.M.Kapshuk (since 1988. ) N.H.Yanchenko (since 1994. ), Senior technicians T.V.Kahalovska (since 1991.) , N. Ye.Litvinova (since 1993. ) V.I.Tryhub (since 1995. ) L.V.Hlestun (since 1986. ) I.A.Shapovalova (since 1994. ) I.M.Shtanko (from 1992 .) staff NDSu SSF M.K.Zhuravlov engineers O.F.Polityka , S.N.Ivanyutin .

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