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Doctor of Science


Mr. Chernay graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk State University, " Theoretical Physics " in 1974. He defended his thesis in "Chemical Physics of special products " in 1992. Mr.Chernay defended his doctoral thesis in 1.5.17 "Chemical physics, physics of burning and explosion" in 2003.

He has been working in department of physics since 2004. His scientific experience is more than 20 years. He teaches the course " physics ".

Member of the Board D0808005 specialized in " Geophysics ".

Total number of methodological papers - 4 research - more than 140 , including 2 monographs, 4 certificates of the USSR, Ukraine 9 patents , two patents in Germany.

Areas of research : the interaction of pulsed laser radiation with explosives , pulse processes in mechanics of condensed environs.

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