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Candidate of Physics and Mathematics


Pevzner Mark was born in 1934. He graduated from Dnipropetrovsk State University in 1957, specializing in physics, with the specialization in Theoretical Physics. Dr. Pevzner worked at the Department of Physics of the NMU since September 1962 at the assistant position. The further positions were: assistance professor since June 1971; professor since December 2003. In 1968, he defended the Ph. D. thesis named "Asymptotic Behavior of Green Functions and Whiteman Functions in Quantum Field Theory". In 1973, he became a docent.

Dr. Pevzner is the author of more than 120 scientific and methodological works, among which there are 3 textbooks on physics for technical and pedagogical higher educational establishments of Ukraine with the stamp of the Ministry of Education.

The main areas of scientific research are: classical and quantum field theory, relativistic quantum mechanics, high-energy physics, the theory of gauge fields, the theory of phase transitions at zero and nonzero temperatures.

Dr. Pevzner is awarded with the sign "Excellence in Education of Ukraine".

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