National TU Dnipro Polytechnic — Compliance with the Time

Electricity and magnetism
pdf.png 3.30. Measuring resistance using the bridge method
pdf.png 3.31. Measure electromotive force by compensation method
pdf.png 3.32. Study of the dependence of the coefficient of the useful action of the source of current and its power from the load resistance
pdf.png 3.33. Experimental validation of electric charge discretization (Millikan experiment)
pdf.png 3.35. Electrostatic field, its experimental exploration using modeling methodic
pdf.png 3.36. Determination of the resistance milliamperemeter and resistance source of the current by method of bypass surgery
pdf.png 3.40. Determining the capacitance of the capacitor bridge of SOTI
pdf.png 3.41. Determination of coil inductance
pdf.png 3.43. Studying of two-electrode lamp

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